Onboard more customers and
verify user data in
one click

Verify user data, meet regulatory requirements, and reduce abandonment rates, all at once

User verification with
a single click.

One-click verification leverages the power of open banking, collecting key data points with a single click from users.
✔️  Name and surname 
✔️  Address
✔️  Account Number
✔️  Date of Birth
✔️  Transaction History
✔️  Account Balance
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Advanced sign-up flow for your users

It uses bank-sourced identity data to speed up KYC-compliant onboarding.
This secure, efficient, and compliant solution is ready to revolutionise your user verification journey.

Compliance Assurance

Easily meet regulations by verifying user details and source of wealth efficiently. Ideal for money transfer companies.

Reduced Fraud Risk

Boost confidence in user identity verification by cross-referencing crucial data points like name, surname, address, and date of birth.
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Reduce drop off in signup

The most efficient onboarding, minimising drop-offs by eliminating the hassle of manual form-filling.

No data entry or document scanning

Quickly provide proof-of-funds to your team, saving time on chasing bank statements

“Our user onboarding process is now so much faster! We've seen a 16% increase in new users since implementing this solution."

Narisa Chauvidul-Aw, CEO & Co-Founder

"A great KYC compliance solution. We can now verify users quickly and efficiently. It is saving us time and resources.”

Damisi Busar, CEO

“This solution seamlessly integrates with our system, ensuring smooth onboarding with all the information we need for KYC every time."

Declan Dowling, CEO
How does it work?
This revolutionary solution seamlessly integrates into your current system. It is as simple as adding 5 lines of code to your existing processes.

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